Category: Memento Mori

  • How to be more grateful

    There is so much that, if we learnt we might be dead by nightfall, we would remember to value.

  • Watch

      Short (1 minute) “What is Memento Mori” by Ryan Holiday. Ryan Holiday has produced a “memento mori” coin and necklace that you can carry in your pocket or wear around your neck to remind yourself even more that “you could leave your life right now” to let that influence what you say and do throughout your…

  • Life. Is. Short.

    Yes, it really is. So many of us realise this too late on it in life – or don’t get the chance to realise it when our lives are cut short by some unforeseen twist of fate, illness or accident. “Man that is born of a woman hath but a short time to live, and…