Memento Mori History

Cadever Tomb

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cadaver tomb or transi (or “Memento Mori Tomb”) is a type of tomb with a life-size sculpture of the decomposing person represented in the tomb lying on top of it.

They were supposed influenced by the “danse macabre” art occurring around the same period of the middle ages, and due to the expense and time of creating the tomb and allocating space for it within a church – Cadaver Tombs were usually ordered by Kings & Queens, Bishops & Abbots of that time.

As these “transi tombs” were usually created while the subject was in the prime of his life & fame, this “memento mori” grave was another example to remind us how transient life can be.

“the last mirror we will all face’ by the artist Marina Abmramovic

The human body is basically “rotting meat in a bag.” said Marcus Aurelius. Today we live, tomorrow we may not. How does that thought influence what you’ll say and do today?

That is the question that Mementom and countless lives and before us, want us to answer.

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