Memento Mori

It will happen to us.

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Some of us have had our parents pass away already, and for some of us, that will live long enough – it is still coming to us.

It’s sad to notice how so many of us look for excuses not to spend time with our parents – just listening to them, instead of looking at our phones or watching TV, or ignoring them when they call us.

My 80-year-old grandpa lives in another country, and I see him just once per year for a few hours if I’m lucky. If things stay as they are, I’ll see him for a maximum of 10-20 times again in life. That thought changes the dynamic whenever we do meet.

My mother also doesn’t live close by. Now that she’s 60, and if things stay the same, I’ll see her another 100 times in life if I’m lucky. Therefore every phone call & meet up, or letter is a chance to make sure that we don’t leave each other with any regrets.

Life is short, and that day will come to all of us. One day it will be too late.

Todays assignment:

Do what you can right now to appreciate them now, and let them know about it. Ask them about the things you want to ask them now. Say the things you want to say to them now before it’s too late.

Learning: You or they could leave life right now, and for sure, our time with each other is very limited. Let that determine what you’ll say and do with your parents, siblings, grandparents and friends today.

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