Memento Mori

Life is often not as predictable as we think

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One of the most misleading things about our world today is the increased sense of comfort we feel. We live increasing longer and safer. But then there’s something that so often very happens to those who least expect it – a car crash, heart attack, unexpected illness, freak accident.

The purpose of pointing this out is not to scare you but to remind you that you could really “leave your life right now.” That’s why I write this message today and every day I can.

Because when you realise the fragility of life, you get power. You seize the day. You don’t worry about things that don’t really make a difference in life, because you have a new perspective on your life. You live more and make time for things that truly have meaning.

And when you do live a long life, you’ll know that you’ve made the most of every moment. And if the end comes sooner than expected, by following the practices described here at , you’ll be ready for that and meet it with a knowing smile.

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