Memento Mori

Small Tragedies In Life

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Sometimes in life, we think things “just couldn’t be better”. Our career is going well. Our love life is great. We look good. We feel good. We can stay up late, work hard and play hard.

Then we fall and perhaps break a leg, catch a cold, or lose a job and the reality of the fragility of our lives is brought once again before our eyes.

Or, if we’re lucky, it doesn’t do it to us but it does it to someone next to us. You father gets diagnosed with cancer, a friend is knocked off their bike by a taxi when travelling to work. You’re reminded once again of Memento Mori: The same thing might happen to you if you’re not careful.

These Mementom reminders are scary but they are also important. Life is short. Our bodies are fragile. Our minds will weaken. We’re here for just a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things.

This shouldn’t make us withdraw from life, but instead push us to live in the present and appreciate each moment we have while everything is still going relatively well.

Because this life is all we have.

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